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The Wilderness Way: A Lenten Journey (Digital Download)

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The Wilderness Way is a six-week Lenten curriculum for elementary through middle school students (our founder, Steph Weinert, uses this curriculum with the whole family, all ages included).  Curriculum author Sarah Scarborough has incorporated multiple beauty subjects to foster a prayerful and enriching Lent. Each week contains three days of study focusing on a forty-day theme within Scripture. Drawing from Charlotte Mason elements, you will find over 80 pages aimed to connect your family with Christ.

Included are:

-Scripture reflections & discussion prompts

-Weekly Lenten-focused hymn studies & printable hymn sheets

-Poetry & artist studies focusing on great works in composition & painting

-Copywork sheets & narration opportunities

-Hands-on extension activities to foster engaged learning and Lenten prayerfulness

Each week begins with a grid outlining the topics of study and moves into easy open and go lessons for your convenience.

This product is a digital download. Upon purchase, it will be emailed to your provided email address.