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The Essential Candle Care Kit

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Did you know that candle care promotes a cleaner, brighter burn, reduces unnecessary smoke and carbon buildup on candle vessels, and keeps your candles looking their absolute lovliest?

Our Essential Candle Kit has everything you need to keep your candles in perfect condtion for the longest lasting enjoyment. 


Wick Trimmer: Before lighting your candle, hold the flat, circular end of the wick trimmer parallel to the candle's wax and snip wick to the desired length. A wick length of 1/4” is recommended.

Wick Dipper: Extinguishes the candle by coating and sealing wick with wax. This helps to prevent the wick from smoking and creating a mess when the candle is extinguished. This can help to improve the performance of the candle and make it burn more efficiently.

Candle Snuffer: Place the bell over the candle's flame until it extinguishes. Wipe clean after each use. Store them away for safekeeping between uses in the included handlettered pouch.

Made of high-quality stainless steel with a black matte finish. This lovely kit is a stylish addition to every home, and also makes a beautiful housewarming gift or holiday stocking stuffer!