Beeswax and the Catholic Home

Beeswax and the Catholic Home

with excerpts from Clayton Bower Jr. 

As a convert to the Catholic faith, I have much to learn about ancient symbols, sacramentals, and traditions passed down for generations. It all feels so new, sometimes foreign, and yet these practices fascinate me. 

Many Catholic traditions and symbols are like little catechisms: they speak through humble and plain things about deep and holy truths. Just like the holy water in our special jar on the mantle symbolizes the work Christ does for each of our souls in baptism, so too the Church proclaims the Faith through so many things of earth.

One such tradition that has fascinated me in recent years is that of burning 100% pure beeswax candles in the home - both for practical use, and for devotion. 

The Church teaches that beeswax candles hold a mystical meaning for the faithful: the beeswax symbolizes the pure flesh Christ received from his Virgin Mother, the wick symbolizes his soul, and the flame his divinity. 

Clayton Bower Jr. wrote this beautiful explanation of beeswax candles for Catholic Answers

“The pale wax of the candle symbolizes Christ’s flesh, his sacred humanity. The wick, embedded in the center of the candle, represents his soul. The flame, as it burns down the wick, consumes the wax to give us light. It burns, expending itself, sacrificing itself, just as Christ sacrificed himself. The burning candle is aesthetically pleasing, and it gives a sweet aroma as it burns, another reminder of the presence of our Lord.
The wax produced by the honeybee is considered the sweetest and purest, the most appropriate for symbolizing the humanity of Christ.
It is produced by the bees actually consuming honey (honey itself is a symbol for the superlative in sweetness, the sweetness of the Word of God). Christ identifies himself as the Light of the World and he says in Luke 12:49, “I have come to light a fire on the Earth. How I wish the blaze were ignited!” A flame will spread to what it touches.
The candle also symbolizes Christ’s presence in the individual believer. The Easter Vigil shows this when the new flame is lit, blessed, and touched to the tapers held by members of the congregation, The light spreads from one to the next.”

What a beautiful symbol of so many tenets of our Faith! 

Since Vatican II many bishops allow candles with only 51% beeswax to be used on altars and for prayer. However many Catholic families desire to bring back the ancient beauty and symbolism of using 100% beeswax in their domestic churches. 

We hope to keep the tradition alive by offering taper candles, feast day party candles, and small altar pillars made of 100% beeswax. These beautiful candles smell out-of-this-world amazing, and we hope they will enhance your family’s prayer life. 

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