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The Ruth Veil

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“Then [Ruth] took her veil and covered herself.” - Genesis 24:65

There are many reasons why women are embracing the ancient practice of covering their heads in Holy Mass. Some women long for a return to the “old ways” that have been known and lived for millennia of Church history.  Some women want to imitate Our Lady’s example of shrouding what is most honored and most sacred. Some women have a rebel spirit and want to embrace a more counter-cultural lifestyle.  And let’s be honest, sometimes a chapel veil helps a mama shut out distractions, bad hair days, or other worries. A soft and lovely veil offers her an opportunity to laser focus on the Holy Sacrifice of the Altar. 

Instead of feeling “weird” or “backwards” many women have been surprised by the feelings of serenity, femininity, and worthiness that often come with donning a chapel veil. 

Whatever your reason for veiling, we know you’ll love The Ruth Veil as much as we do. Classic, feminine, and functional, The Ruth Veil is a basic introductory veil that works perfectly for any Sanctuary occasion. 

Named after one of the first mentions of veiling in the Bible (the story of Ruth on the day she met Boaz), our Ruth Veil is long, measuring approximately 60x24 inches. The length helps the veil stay in place without the need for bobby pins. Soft embroidered lace features a scalloped floral edge with a slight stretch for ease in draping.

The Ruth Veil comes in a custom-branded mother & home canvas zipper bag, and inside you’ll find two prayer cards: The Litany of Trust and The Magnificat. Choose between soft white or classic black, or purchase both colors and save. 

Our Lady, Veil of the Tabernacle, pray for us!