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Nativity Icon Print (8x10)

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The Nativity: This monumental moment literally breaks through time, space and rock at the birth of Christ. In this icon we see God represented as the orb coming down to earth. Christ is wrapped in linen and laid in a tomb that prefigures his death and burial. Creation praises him and recognizes him as the Savior. 

Traditionally, Joseph is shown being tempted to doubt this miraculous birth, but he does not give in. Too often we get enfolded into the sweetness and even “cuteness” of a nativity scene. Let this icon remind you of the gravity of this moment: God has become man, the Almighty, a little child.

This museum-quality art print by renowned Catholic artist and iconographer Elizabeth Zelasko is guaranteed to be a focal point in your family’s Advent and Christmas devotions. We suggested displaying the icon in a place of prominence in your home (perhaps on a family altar), and adding some beeswax candles close by for a beautiful prayer experience. 

8x10 museum quality print. 

Made in the United States.