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Mason Jar Flower Frog

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The art of flower and herb propagation is one of the loveliest skills a mother can cultivate in her home and pass on to her children. To make this traditional homemaking skill even easier, we’re thrilled to offer our signature ceramic mason jar flower frog. 

This handmade ceramic frog fits perfectly on top of a standard mason jar (or other similarly-sized mouth jar or vase) and is ideal for arranging flowers or propagating multiple herbs in an organized and uncluttered way. 

Our blue and cream ceramic frog is created using slabs of clay, never made from molds or mass produced, using only non-toxic clay and lead-free glaze. The design is hand drawn and hand printed in Michigan. Every piece of pottery is hand crafted, so there will be slight variations in each piece of pottery, making yours utterly unique and very special. 


-Top Diameter: 3.3 inches

-Bottom Diameter: 2.25 inches

-Glaze Color: blue and cream 

-Back side: unglazed

Made in Michigan, United States