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Beeswax Prayer Candles

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100% natural beeswax holds a place of honor in the traditions of the Catholic Church and in the history of prayer candles and altar candles. The Church teaches that beeswax candles hold a mystical meaning for the faithful: the beeswax symbolizes the pure flesh Christ received from his Virgin Mother, the wick symbolizes his soul, and the flame his divinity. 

While since Vatican II many bishops allow candles with only 51% beeswax to be used on altars and for prayer, many desire to bring back the ancient beauty and symbolism of using 100% beeswax in churches, and in our domestic churches. 

We hope to keep the tradition alive by offering altar candles made of 100% local beeswax - straight from the farm! These beautiful candles will enhance your prayer life, and emit a subtly sweet honey-like aroma. They also make stunning gifts for any occasion. 

Approx: 6oz 

Dimensions: 2 x 3.75"

Made in the United States