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Catholic Birth Affirmation Cards

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There are few experiences in motherhood where we are invited to participate in the sufferings of Christ as intimately as during birth. Our birth affirmation card set is a beautiful reminder of God’s promises during the hardest, most beautiful moments we walk through as mothers. Each card is hand-painted by the amazingly talented watercolor artist Kelsey Lawson. 

This set Includes:

- Nine (9) 4x6 rounded cards professionally printed on thick card stock

- Each card features an encouraging and centering phrase penned in watercolor and paired with a hand-painted flower symbolizing birth and new life: 

- Snowdrop: "Soft. Open. Release."

- Iris: "I can do hard things."

- Narcissus: "My body and my baby know just what to do."

- Water Lily: "Each wave brings my baby closer to me."

- Larkspur: "The Theotokos is with me interceding on my behalf."

- Violet: "I will meet my baby soon."

- Aster: "In my suffering, I participate in the suffering of Christ.

- Daisy: "May it be blessed."

- Gladiolus: "But the Lord stood with me and gave me strength." - 2 Timothy 4:17

(Clips and string not included.)

Each woman is unique, as is each birth. We encourage you to use the cards that resonate with you the most. Many of the cards will be uplifting and true for other stages of life and motherhood as well. 

All prints are hand-sketched, painted in watercolor, and lettered before professional printing on clean and thick card stock, and packaging in a clear protective sleeve.